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Item No:                    4.B.2.


Meeting Date:           October 22, 2012


From:                          Mike Thornton, Purchasing Manager for

                                    Stan Carter, Director Information Technology


Subject:                      Purchase request 44841 from the Information Technology Department for the purchase of a new handheld meter reading system.



Staff Recommendation:

Staff recommends approval of the purchase request and award of Invitation to Bid 130041 to Devtech Sales, Inc. of Avon Park, Florida for a total amount of $37,056.00.



The Information Technology Department (IT) has requested the purchase of a new handheld meter reading system to be used for reading the water, reuse water, and natural gas meters.  The current system used by the meter reading division is obsolete and no longer supported by the company, Itron.  The age of the current system has resulted in data transfer problems on several occasions.


This purchase will provide eight handheld units, two docking stations for data download and recharging as well as computer software for transferring data to and from the handhelds.  The electric utility has deployed the remote read electric meters; however the other utilities still require their meters be read either manually or by using existing AMR devices.


The sale of this hardware is limited to those vendors authorized by the manufacturer Itron.  There are two authorized resellers in our area.  The purchasing division prepared an Invitation to Bid (ITB) and provided the ITB to the two eligible vendors.  One response was received from Devtech Sales, Inc.



1.  Approve the purchase to Devtech Sales, Inc. for a total amount of $37,056.00

2.  Such alternative action as the Commission may deem appropriate


Fiscal Impact: 

The purchase cost of $37,056.00 is available and budgeted in the 2012 fiscal year.  This amount will be rolled forward to the 2013 fiscal year.



Submission Date and Time:    10/18/2012 5:21 PM____


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Revised 6/10/04


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