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Item No:                    8.


Meeting Date:           January 7, 2013


From:                          Jay M. Evans, City Manager   


Subject:                      Discussion of the appointment of Interim City Manager and method of conducting the search for the permanent replacement.                      




The City Commission will need to discuss and determine who will serve as Interim City Manager while the search for the permanent replacement is conducted.  Additionally, the City Commission should at least begin discussing the method it will employ to fill the job permanently.   If time is of the essence in finding the replacement, the Commission will want to get to work immediately.




Options for the Interim City Manager (ICM) include Deputy City Manager Doug Drymon, a Department Head, or bringing someone in from the outside.  The latter choice would typically be a former City Manager who is currently between jobs and may or may not be seeking the permanent position.


The period of time during which an ICM serves is typically one of relative stability for the organization.  The ICM is usually expected to keep operations running smoothly and not make dramatic changes, unless at the specific direction of the Commission.  For the most part that should be expected with this transition, with the exception being the currently unknown direction of the Commission toward the 2014 budget preparation.




The Commission will need to decide how it wants to conduct the search.  Options include:

1)      Promotion of Deputy City Manager to the position of City Manager (becomes contract employee).  In this case, no search is done.  This can be done with no delay or after a trial period with the DCM serving as ICM.

2)      Conduct a national search using the City’s Human Resources Department to administer the process. Advertising is typically done via the ICMA and FCCMA websites.  Qualification screening would be done by H.R., with the City Commission determining the process to follow from there (reviewing qualified applications, short-list development, interviews,  contract negotiation, etc.). 

3)      Hire an executive search firm.  Well known firms include Colin Baenziger & Associates, Bob Murray & Assoc., Mercer Group, Ralph Andersen & Assoc., and Strategic Government Resources.  ICMA maintains a list of executive search firms that may be of use as well.  The typical fee for such a search in Florida is between $20K and $24K.  The selected firm will do all of the advertising and screening, subject to parameters defined by the Commission.  They will also guide the Commission through the process.


The process of finding the permanent City Manager is usually between four to six months, depending on the direction of the Commission.  Attached you will find a draft job description for your perusal.  It can be modified however you like.  Also attached is the ICMA guide for elected officials in recruiting local government administrators.


My last day of employment is January 18th.  This requires that the City Commission determine who will serve in the interim capacity either at the January 7th or 14th City Commission Meetings.



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