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Item No:                    5E.1. & 2.


Meeting Date:           June 24, 2013


From:                          Doug Drymon, Deputy City Manager


Subject:                      Resolutions authorizing execution of FDOT Joint Participation Agreement (FM 434306-1-94-01), and Hanson Professional Services Task Order No. 9, for the purpose of funding bidding services to be performed in association with a project to realign Taxiway “A” at Leesburg International Airport.



Staff Recommendation:

Staff recommends approval of both the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Joint Participation Agreement (JPA) and Task Order No. 9 with Hanson Professional Services.



Item One

The first resolution staff recommends for approval authorizes execution of a Joint Participation Agreement (FM 434306-1-94-01) with FDOT for bidding services associated with a project to realign Taxiway “A” at Leesburg International Airport. The total estimated cost of the work covered under this JPA is $11,480.00. FDOT will share this cost on an 80-20 basis with the City. The bidding services described in Exhibit “A” of the JPA are required in order for the City to secure bids needed as part of an application to the FAA for grant funding to complete the final construction phase of the Taxiway “A” Realignment Project.  Once the grant application and bids have been submitted to the FAA, the agency will take approximately 30 days to review the documents and inform the City if grant funding will be available to proceed with the construction work. 


Hanson Professional Services will provide the bidding services that are funded by the JPA under their continuing services contract with the City of Leesburg. Task Order No. 9 (covered under Item Two below) authorizes Hanson to proceed with the bidding services work (only) at this time. Hanson has previously completed most of the design and engineering work associated with this project. If the City is successful in securing FAA funding for this project, Hanson will need to perform some further updating to the construction plans to ensure that they comply with advisory circulars that have been issued by the FAA since the plans were first prepared, as well as to incorporate recent improvements which have been undertaken on the airfield in the last several years, or which are planned for the immediate future. A Construction Safety Phasing Plan (CSPP) will also need to be prepared and submitted to the FAA, if and when funding for the construction phase of the project becomes available. The work of updating the plans along with its associated cost will only be performed if the City is successful in obtaining FAA grant funding.


Item Two

The second resolution staff recommends for approval is the execution of Task Order No. 9 with Hanson Professional Services, Inc.


The City of Leesburg has an existing Continuing Services Master Agreement for professional engineering services with Hanson Professional Services, Inc. This agreement was formed pursuant to Request for Qualifications (RFQ) 100113 and was executed following City Commission approval of Resolution 8641 on April 26, 2010. The initial term of the executed agreement with Hanson is 3-years, expiring September 30, 2013. The agreement provides for three one-year extensions at the City’s discretion. City Attorney Fred Morrison has reviewed the professional work that is associated with this project and has given his opinion that Hanson may undertake the work under the terms of their Continuing Services Master Agreement.  However, the City is not restricted by the terms of the agreement from obtaining proposals or services from other contractors for similar projects.  In view of the FAA’s desire to have the construction bids submitted to their Orlando district office no later than the first week of August, and Hanson’s familiarity with the project as a result of their previous involvement in preparing the construction plans and the other aspects of the project, it is staff’s opinion that Hanson would be the best choice to provide the professional services that are outlined in Task Order No. 9.



1.  Approve either or both resolutions as recommended; or

2.  Such alternative action as the Commission may deem appropriate


Fiscal Impact: 

The total cost of the Taxiway “A” Realignment Project has been estimated by Hanson to be $1.68 million. Funds for the City’s match ($97,300.00), if FAA funds become available, are expected to come from $163,292.00 set aside in the current fiscal year to fund an airfield signage project (since reprogrammed to 2014) and for use as the City’s match for an airfield lighting improvement project (which has been cancelled on direction from the City Manager).


The funding breakdown for the bidding services work covered under the JPA will be as follows:

·         $9,184 – FDOT (80%)

·         $2,296 – City of Leesburg (20%)


In the event that the FAA is unable to completely fund its share of the construction work in the current fiscal year, the City will cancel the construction phase portion of the project (including making updates to the construction plans and preparing the CSPP) and reapply again for FAA funding in the following fiscal year. Under this scenario the City’s out-of-pocket expenses will be limited to $2,296.



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